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If you can't find the answer you are looking for, drop me an email and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Why choose Ingrid?

Not only am I qualified, I have been through my own journey with food and trying to achieve health, and it's not over! I am continuing to learn. I understand the confusion, overwhelm, and frustration when it comes to making healthy changes. I know it doesn't come overnight and I have researched and tested many techniques that contribute to long-lasting behaviour change. 

I have also worked with a number of groups, from school children to elite athletes. I love working with a range of people and enjoy putting together unique plans.

Why don't you prescribe diets?

Diets are a short term fix with little evidence to show that they are beneficial in the long run. Most diets rely on restriction of food groups and food that bring joy. This is not sustainable and some are just plain difficult! I would rather focus on filling your life with bahviours that are nourishing and enjoyable - this is what you are going to stick to. 

I also would never give two people the same diet. Their needs will be completely different depending on their age, gender, activity level, dieting history, menstruation cycle (if applicable), geography, preferences, financial status, family situation, and living situation. As you can see, one size does not fit all. While I do not currently offer 1:1 sessions, all my resources and programmes are designed for you to personalise.

What are environmentally friendly diets?

Environmentally friendly diets are close to my heart because the link between our food sources, human health, and environmental health is massive. We rely on the earth to produce the food we eat and the food our food eats.  Plus many other things such as medicine, material, biodiversity, and climate stability. And that's just humans! Every species on the planet has a place and a unique role in the ecosystem. Our current agricultural, waste, and eating practices are destroying these balances. 

Changing our diets is one of the many impactful ways we can positively contribute to environmental restoration and protection. But it just is not talked about enough. If you would like to learn more, check out my store or I would love to chat with you.

What is an Associate Registered Nutritionist?

An Associate Registered Nutritionist (me!) is a protected term used to describe someone who has completed an undergraduate degree in Nutrition and is continuing competency (and proving it) to the New Zeland Nutrition Society. You can trust that these people are delivering respectful and evidence based nutrition services. 

You should only seek nutritional advice from a registered nutrition-related health professional. Remember, 'nutritionist' is not a protected term; anyone can called themselves a nutritionist, even if they are not qualified.

How can I book a free initial consultation?

I do not offer 1:1 sessions currently but I do have an online store with resources and programmes available.

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