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How I went from self-sabotage to helping others

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

I spent a decade hating my body, which turned into eating disorders and a long road to recovery. I actually began my undergraduate degree in Human Nutrition out of an obsession with food. I was striving to be (what I thought was) healthy. When in fact, I was under-nourishing and under-fueling in every way. I am not alone with this, and it is horrible to realise that most people are subject to the same pressures. We are taught the expectation that if you are only worthy if you are thin. I unlearnt my harmful thoughts and beliefs through education, therapy, and support from the people around me. Part of my drive as a Nutritionist is to prevent this and show people how to eat in an enjoyable, non-restrictive, and nourishing way.

However, I don’t want my history to be my identity.

In my studies, my main interest turned out to be environmentally friendly diets. Living a lifestyle that respects your own health and the planet’s health. We have the opportunity to nourish both every single time we eat. I think that is empowering!

I now have an Bachelors and a Masters degree in Nutrition and experience working with athletes, community groups, Government policy, and NGOs. I am also a published author, with my main research area being sustainable food systems.

I am an Associate Registered Nutritionist, but you would be surprised by my approach.

I don’t particularly care about your weight or your BMI...

(but I will help you if you want to lose weight, it’s your body)

I care about how you feel, your behaviours, and the reasons for your choices. I care about giving you the confidence to decide how you want to live and turn up for yourself every day. I care about how comfortable you feel around food, and I care about making your life as easy as possible when it comes to eating well. I don’t believe that a single food or supplement can solve all problems, just like I don’t believe one food can cause all problems.

It is about your whole diet. This includes non-food factors too, such as sleep quality, relationships, staying active, stress management, creativity, connection to nature, and more.

If you’re ready for a new and relaxed approach to eating well, contact me today at and let’s make your life easier.

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