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tired of constantly pledging the same health goal?

The amount of health goals I have 'committed' to... and failed is almost embarrassing!

That was until I studied behaviour change for months at university and learnt the foundations of making long-term healthy habits.

Since then, I have been able to confidently apply these strategies to ANY area in my life, and reap the benefits. Whether it's drinking more water, getting up earlier, reducing screen time, exercising more, reducing sugar intake, or reading my book more.

Yes, a lot of the factors that influence our behvaiour are uncontrollable (rising food prices, climate change, food policies, marketing etc.), but there's a lot that we can control individually. We can start by looking at the psychology of our own behaviour.

Research says that giving people lots of information is simply not enough to change behaviour. I can tell you veggies are good for you until the cows come home, but you may still not meet the recommended 5+ serves of fruit and veggies a day consistently.

Luckily, research also says that there are ways we can help ourselves maintain healthy behaviours. Some of these ways include:

  • Restructuring our environments: for example, if you have a full fruit bowl on the kitchen table at all times, you’re more likely to eat fruit

  • Making a commitment: accountability is so important, and it is helpful to refer back to in times of self-doubt or in the face of a lapse

  • Reward systems: giving yourself credit for carrying out the desired behaviour is a great motivator

  • Building confidence/self-efficacy: this is easier said than done, but confidence is a top predictor of whether you carry out and maintain a behaviour. Believing you can do something is half of the journey!

  • And there are more...

Now for the best bit.

Because I am so passionate about this, I have created a WHOLE 6-week course dedicated to those who are constantly frustrated with themselves for not sticking to their health goals. For those who feel like they have had the same health goal for EVER. For those who are ready to learn the tools and strategies that can be applied to any health behaviour or goal. Whether it is to eat more fruit and veggies, eat less salt, exercise more, or to regularly eat lunch… You can apply the strategies in this course and you won't have to spend thousands of dollars or dedicate months at uni like I did!

I want you to be equipped for life!

I want you to stop doubting yourself.

I want you feeling confident that you can achieve that healthy lifestyle you keep saying you want.

This in-depth course will include a mixture of personalised 1:1 sessions to establish your unique goals and long-term plan, as well as webinars covering crucial aspects of behaviour change.

I am dedicated to helping you build and maintain healthy behaviours.

If you’re ready to stop dipping in and out of health goals and learn how to set yourself up for success in ANY health venture, email me to secure your space.

It’s as simple as that!

Openings for this opportunity will end on Friday 23rd September – so get in quick!

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